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Install the Codemod VS Code extension & upgrade your projects with the help of codemods created by experts in the community, one framework at a time.

🎁 What frameworks should we support next? Let us know β†’

1. Discover​

  • The Codemod platform is a one-stop shop for discovering & sharing quality-governed codemods. You don't need to install and run many codemod engines for each dependency. Simply search for your framework codemods and click run. With codemod deep links, you can reach & run your target codemod with just one click.

2. Run​

  • Safely dry-run the codemods, preview the changes with a user-friendly experience, adjust the changes as necessary, and apply them to your code only when you feel confident.

3. Customize & Improve​

  • Leverage the 1-click integration with Codemod Studio and the feedback loop with the community of Codemod Champions to continuously improve Codemods and customize them to your needs.

πŸ’‘ The Codemod platform is in Public Beta and we’re continuously working on improving codemods and solving any compatibility issues. If you run into an issue while running a codemod, please let us know β†’

Other Features​

  • Out-of-the-box Prettier Integration - Your favorite code transformation engines such as Meta’s JSCodeshift or TS-morph will mess up the formatting. The Codemod VS Code extension will automatically prettify the changes according to your settings, saving you much time and energy for more exciting features.
  • Multi-threading - Execute codemods faster than you would with vanilla jscodeshift or ts-morph. The Codemod Engine uses multi-threading, which is customizable via extension settings, to take full advantage of your machine's computing power and expedite large-scale changes.

Extension vs. the Platform​

The Codemod Platform Architecture

Telemetry πŸ”­β€‹

  • The extension collects telemetry data to help us improve the product for you.
  • We never send PII, OS information, file, or folder names.
  • Telemetry can be disabled in the settings.
  • See more details in our telemetry compliance considerations doc.

Share Feedback πŸŽβ€‹

  • Please share your ideas, questions, and feature requests here, or chat with us in Slack.