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Codemod Studio is an AI workbench for creating codemods. Codemods are powerful code automation bots that can automate many crucial yet tedious coding tasks, such as migrations, upgrades, large-scale changes, enforcing best practices, and bringing conformity to a codebase (learn more about codemods here). However, building them has been very hard and time-consuming. Until now. Codemod Studio allows you to "instantly" create code automation bots with the help of AI, specialized helpers, and debuggers, as well as a vibrant community of "codemod champions."

1. Build

With the help of fine-tuned LLMs under-the-hood and codemod creation features such as expert-curated prompts, smart highlighting & GUI codemod builder, Codemod Studio can help you build codemods in a few minutes.


Your codemod creation journey can also start right from your IDE/CLI and with just one command: codemod learn

More info here ->

2. Test

Codemod Studio allows you to iteratively test, debug, and improve your codemods’ as you build them.

3. Deploy

With close integration with the Codemod platform, Codemod Studio allows you to easily deploy and run your codemods over your projects using the Codemod VS Code Extension.

Codemod Studio vs. the Platform

Codemod Studio vs. the Platform

Telemetry 🔭


We use Clerk, a secure authentication service, to handle user registration and login. Clerk provides us with essential user authentication features, such as secure password management and multi-factor authentication. When you create an account or log in using our web app, Clerk processes and stores your authentication data.

For more information on how Clerk handles user data and their privacy practices, please refer to Clerk's Privacy Policy.


Our web app leverages OpenAI's capabilities to process user requests and provide relevant responses. When you interact with AI Assistant or VSCode Export in Codemod Studio, some information (such as code snippets, prompts, etc.) will be sent to OpenAI's servers for processing. We do not store the text inputs you provide for processing beyond what is necessary for delivering the service.

For more details on OpenAI's data usage and privacy policies, please consult OpenAI's Privacy Policy.

Share Feedback 🎁

  • Please share your ideas, questions, and feature requests here, or chat with us in Slack.